Published on 11/23/18 by Yvona Ward

Right now, in Baton Rouge, you can hardly drive to the store and back without seeing at least one sign of the city's constant growth. Between the new shopping centers going up and the road development projects currently underway, it's hard to miss that Baton Rouge is a rapidly evolving place to live. With all of this expansion comes a need for more homes, so it's no wonder we are seeing so many new neighborhoods popping up around the city.

One such neighborhood, despite the roadblocks it has encountered, is now moving steadily through its proposed phases of development: Rouzan. I am sure that many of you have heard of this project near the intersection of Lee Drive and Perkins Road - but maybe not always in the most positive of terms. It is true that the troubles Rouzan has faced in its formative years placed it in an uphill PR battle; however, the neighborhood's progress in the past year - occurring under new ownership - has helped it to move, significantly, toward its goals and into a more positive public spotlight. In July of this year, construction finally began on the Sprouts Supermarket, a Phoenix-based food market that will serve as the cornerstone of Rouzan's village center, as well as on an additional 49 single-family homes in the neighborhood called The Cottages at Rouzan. The Cottages will range from 1,550 to 2,250 square feet of living space and mark the first major development of residential properties in the neighborhood. In addition to breaking ground on these two projects, Rouzan also announced in July that the community's planning commission had approved the plans for its 1000 square-foot neighborhood recreation center, which will include a clubhouse and pool for their residents.

In the past couple of months, Rouzan has met some more milestones in its path towards being one of Baton Rouge's more prestigious new neighborhoods. At the beginning of October, the community's developers came to an agreement with Kidz Karousel Child Development Centers to have a 13,000 square-foot child care center constructed in the neighborhood. This center will be able to provide all day care services for about 175 children under the age of 5 as well as care for children between the ages of 6 and 12 before and after the school day. In addition to this positive announcement, the Rouzan developers resumed discussions with the Baton Rouge Metro Council in October concerning the previously stalled plans to construct a new branch of the East Baton Rouge Parish Libraries in the neighborhood following complications surrounding the proposed downtown library branch. Following much deliberation between members of the Metro Council and Rouzan's Planning Commission, a plan for the new library to be built in Rouzan was approved on November 15th, marking a major accomplishment by the community's new ownership to push forward with their development and improve their relationship with the people of Baton Rouge.

Aside from this revival of the neighborhood designers' impressive vision for Rouzan, the homes themselves stand on their own as a point of pride for the development. In particular, The Cottages at Rouzan - the development that is currently underway - will be an especially appealing addition to the Southdowns residential market. As I quickly mentioned earlier, the 49 single-family homes being built as part of this project, which marks the latest residential development for Rouzan, will offer 5 unique floor plans with 1,550 to 2,250 square feet of living space and priced starting at between $409,900 and $523,900. I have chosen homes from three of the available styles to give you a taste of what The Cottages are all about, which are displayed below. If you would like more information on, or if you are interested in taking a look at, these - or any other - homes, just click on one of the images.

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